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Why Our Online Law School Degree is the Best Degree in 2022
for Someone Not Sure What To Do

Best Higher Education Degree for Non-Techies

Essay by Walter P. Drake, Director, Blue Marble University Law School
February, 2022

The World has sure changed over the last couple of years. Higher Education is a shadow of its former self. No longer can one just go to a good college and get a good job. Nobody cares about your education anymore.

As an example, Glassdoor, a popular employment portal recently posted their list of the top paying jobs with thousands of job openings around trhe country. Most job titles you never heard of. And there are few if any higher education degrees that train you for these:

Enterprise Architect

Full Stack Engineer

Data Scientist

Data Engineer

Cloud Engineer

According to Glassdoor, all the top paying jobs and jobs with oodles of openings available are in computer technology and engineering…primarily jobs that relate to putting parts of computer networks together and making them work. Assembling computer hardware, like data processing, storage, security, back-ups and so forth and keeping big companies running. It is all about “process engineering”. Physicians of course made the list.

But for the rest of us, not that great in math, not really wired for high tech enginnering, what is the very best degree? A Law Degree from Blue Marble University Law School. Take it from me…I have both a law degree (J.D.) and a science degree (Ph.D.) and my law degree has proven to be far more valuable in my life.

And I am not talking about using it for the practice of law. Ninety percent of the people with law degrees are not lawyers in the normal sense. They work in a myriad of government jobs, and private industry legal and health departments. So, despite what Glassdoor is putting out there, the greatest range of diverse employments for a single degree are for those smart individuals that have been trained in the Law!!! And that’s a fact, Jack. Let me repeat that:

A J.D. degree offers the greatest range of employment opportunities of any other single degree!! Bar none. A law degree is the most valuable, most relevant, and most applicable to the greatest variety of endeavors and employments.

This essay came about after a 25 year old applicant recently asked me which of our online degrees would be best to pursue. He had obtained the usual  Bachelor degree, had tried a few different jobs but could not really find himself. He was searching through all of our programs trying to find one that would fit him and one that would catapult him into a successful career.

But he did not consider the very best one: An online J.D. degree from Blue Marble University Law School.

We started our online offerings in Panama in 2005, with just one program, our PhD in stem cell science administered by the Panama College of Cell Science. We then added additional programs, locating in the Commonwealth of Dominica, growing along the way. Ultimately the University received a certification from the world’s foremost foreign credential evaluator, CUFCE, to the effect that our programs were equivalent to regionally accredited US colleges and universities.

Our online Law School only opened about a year ago and is our newest of our 4 sister schools:

Blue Marble University

Panama College of Cell Science

Blue Marble University Medical School

Blue Marble University Law School


So, let’s talk about what higher education is useful for non-techies. The best way to analyze what kind of education you need is to look for jobs on Indeed, and GlassDoor and see what their educational requirements are. What job should you look for? I have heard many successful people say, find what you like to do, some work you like so much that you would do it for free. And that’s what you should pursue no matter what… that should be your life’s body of work.

For someone that does not have a clue, or is looking to make a change, I always recommend our JD (Doctor of Law) program. NOT to become a lawyer, but rather as an excellent credential to enter Federal and State governmental agencies, and regulatory bodies. Every governmental agency, from zoning to health regulations to taxing agencies needs people trained in the law. Not to mention police departments, FBI, Immigration, Natural Resources….hundreds of governmental agencies. With a JD degree, you have a leg up on all kinds of governmental agency positions.

I recall some people think they should spend time taking some online program while they “looked for” a better job. This is backwards. In the new world, it is job first, and then supplement your education online while working. All of our Blue Marble University programs are geared toward working adults looking for career boosters.

My most important observation about education in the new world that has been created over the last few years, is that education as a standalone is not worth much. The majority of PhD graduates are never going to become tenured faculty anywhere. To give you a real world example: Every one of our Instructors is required to teach EVERY course in a program. To teach at our law school, you may be assigned any course in the Curriculum. Gone are the days where a “professor” teaches one course and writes books and papers the rest of the time.

The point I am trying to make is that the old traditional thinking about education leading to a great job is over. Just dead. Everyone has to find their own way to be successful now.

And in this environment, becoming learned in the law, the law lingo, how to find the law, is going to be the most successful approach for everyone, and especially so for non-techies, women, and those not so much interested in the sciences.

You can learn more about all the many avenues to successful non-attorney careers on our website here: https://bluemarbleuniversitylawschool.com/

And at only $3450 USD per year with payment plan (discountd to $3200 USD per year for advance payment), we believe our online J.D. degree is a good investment in your future.

And that’s why our motto is:

If You Don’t Have a Clue, Our Online Law School Is For You!

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A Prestigious J.D. Law Degree
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