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Blue Marble University Law School, sample careers for non-lawyer J.D.'s: Business development manager:National average salary: $72,784 per year. Primary duties: It's the responsibility of the business development manager to increase sales and grow company influence and market share by initiating relationships with prospective leads. A business development manager works with the current marketing strategies of a company to gain new customers and maintain positive relationships with current clients. Business development managers understand company products and business operations and represent these to a customer. A business development manager looks closely at market trends to ensure the company stays up to date with its competitors.  Business intelligence analyst.National average salary: $93,676 per year. Primary duties: A business intelligence analyst scrutinizes data to identify the ways a company can improve their processes in various areas or departments. They also work to develop new ways of collecting and interpreting data. A business intelligence analyst uses software tools and systems to help organize data, advising company leadership based on their analysis and offering solutions to ensure successful business operations or company growth strategies. They may also analyze the strategies of competitors to improve business strategies.  Controller.National average salary: $96,484 per year.Primary duties: A controller provides insight and strategies for the financial development of a company. They create detailed plans for company resources and investments by analyzing the financial state of a business. A controller may be responsible for preparing budgets and managing company payroll.  Risk manager.National average salary: $111,841 per year. Primary duties: A risk manager helps protect company interests and assets by analyzing the liabilities associated with operating a business. Risk managers analyze the areas of operational, financial and reputational risk to ensure a business is protected from threats or mishaps that could cause legal and financial issues for a company. Risk managers act as advisors for executive leadership, scrutinizing both internal and external liabilities to provide analysis and strategies to mitigate risk.  Director of compliance. National average salary: $123,786 per year. Primary duties: Compliance directors take complex legal requirements and translate them into effective business practices and protocols. A director of compliance interprets new regulations related to the specific industry of the business. They are responsible for training employees on any updates to company processes and standards. It's the job of the compliance director to ensure that these regulations are followed across every department within a business. Common industries that need a director of compliance include healthcare, human resources, employment law and business corporations.
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The Blue Marble University Law School

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And We Mean BUSINESS!!

Blue Marble University Law School offers a 3-year online J.D. Degree that teaches many business oriented subjects. Because our Doctor of Juris Prudence Degree is not intended for being a lawyer or practicing law as an attorney, we emphasize business courses and other topics to set you up for many different kinds of careers.

No other law school program has the modern, business related courses that the Blue Marble University law School offers.

Just look at these amazing courses…courses you can use…courses that employers will take notice of:

Bitcoin and the Blockchain Technology that is revising how permanent records will be kept, how banking will be overhauled, and how the future internet will be deployed. Learn how to do business and host websites on the blockchain.

Health Care Regulation and Health Care Management. Especially great for nurses and other health care providers to help move into management roles.

Crowdfunding– How it works, how to use it to raise money for yourself and others.

Representing Creatives– How to build a portfolio of talent that you can sell.

Operating a Small Business-An entire course on setting up and running a business for yourself or someone else.

See our amazing Curriculum Here:

Better and more widely adaptable to any career than an MBA. A JD degree has a wide range of applications, most stretching outside the courtroom. While JD graduates primarily go on to work as attorneys, their skillset is often as applicable to the work of healthcare professionals, politicians, activists, entrepreneurs,  management consultants, investment bankers, stockbrokers, or business development positions at Internet companies.

A law degree opens the door to many types of endeavors and is  the most flexible and useful degree one can earn

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