The Blue Marble University Law School is not specifically accredited by the American Bar Association, and consequently, our J.D. degree will not qualify students to take a Bar Examination in any State, nor to become thereby licensed to practice law.

So, as to the United States, our Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree is NOT intended for use as a practicing lawyer, but rather is intended for use in Non-Lawyer careers where legal education can be useful. The J.D. degree program is more like an “executive” style program, training people in the law for diverse careers that do not involve giving legal advice: Business careers, Government careers, Health Care careers, Law Enforcement and Military careers, and so forth.

Internationally, many countries allow the practice of law with only a law degree and not particular licensing exam. So, depending on your Country, there may be an avenue for you to become a practicing lawyer. This is something for you to research as we are not expert in every country, but only by way of example, Thailand allows one with legal education to become an attorney.

Please keep in mind that the Law School is a division of Blue Marble University, which operates out of the Commonwealth of Dominica, and is thereby considered “foreign education” as to the U.S. Many people use foreign education in the U.S. when their education is deemed equivalent to U.S. education by a professional foreign education evaluator.

Blue Marble University degrees have been deemed equivalent to U.S. universities by a prominent and authoritative foreign education reviewer registered with the United States Department of Education.

For detailed information on our Equivalency Certificate, please kindly visit the specific page of our parent university HERE:

There you will find detailed information on the acceptance of Blue Marble University Degrees worldwide, which is why we say we are a foreign educational institution whose degrees are accepted for employment in the US based on equivalency with accredited colleges and universities as determined by a foreign credential evaluation service.

Does this mean everyone will accept your credentials?? No. There is a lot of educational snobbery and arrogance in the halls of academia. Sometimes even online degrees from USA accredited colleges are not accepted.  Whether or not your prospective employer accepts your credentials depends on many factors.  It is convenient to assert: “Your degree is from an online university”. However, most employers now understand and see the value in alternative, non-traditional education, and if they feel you can contribute to their operation and success, you will be hired. They realize that it is the body of work and any  dissertation completed by a student in a program that is important and not so much whether a program is “accredited”.

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