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What you can do with a Juris Doctor degree, J.D. from Blue Marble University Law School. Here we discuss all the career opportunities for persons holding a J.D. degree that do not take any bar exam and are unlicensed attorneys. The J.D. degree is useful in every industry, business, and governmental agencies. The Blue Marble University Law School J.D. degree can help anyone advance their career, start a career, or change a career.

What You Can Do With the Online J.D. Degree
From Blue Marble University Law School

By earning a prestigious law degree (J.D.), many career doors are open to you in every Industry, Government, Health Care, and Education. These many and diverse non-lawyer careers are also open to lawyers who do not take or pass any bar examination and are open regardless of whether you are licensed or not.

Most people do not know that you do not have to be a practicing attorney to qualify for law related jobs in every industry, every business, and every governmental agency.

While there are jobs that state “J.D. required” but do not require any attorney licensing by passing a State Bar Exam, 90% of jobs for non-lawyers holding a J.D. degree do NOT state a J.D. as a qualification. Rather, the J.D. degree gives you a special advantage for being hired for the position. For example,  a position for Zoning Inspector or Zoning Chief is not going to advertise J.D. required…but if you have a JD degree and hence know a lot of law, you are on top of the hiring list. And this is how it is for many many jobs, careers,  and positions. Having that Doctor of Laws degree just gives you that special added advantage over the competition. Not to mention giving you the confidence and knowledge to run any kind of business you want to have for your own.

Be anything with a J.D. degree from Blue Marble University Law School. Especially good for women and minorities, the Blue Marble University Online Law Degree adds prestige, excitement, and advancement to any career.

With a J.D. Law Degree
From Blue Marble University Law School…

You Can Be Anything

These Are A Few Things You Can Do
With a J.D. Degree From 

Blue Marble University Law School

What you can do with a law degree from Blue Marble University Online Law School: Governmental agencies all need legally trained lawyers and people holding J.D. degrees for the many governmental regulatory agencies involving personnel and labor law, real estate and zoning, planning, occupational permits, securities regulation, environmental agencies, construction law, highways, education, taxation and many others

What you can do with a law degree from Blue Marble University Online Law School: There are law jobs for non-attonreys in every industry, such as Big Oil, Modern Railroads, Shipping, and Logistics…you name the industry and there are lawyers working for every company that are not licensed to practice law in any state. A J.D. degree from Blue Marble University Online Law School gives your application greater weight.

A Terrific Degree for Women and Minorities. The Blue Marble University Law Degree offers not only prestige, but puts you in a whole other class! It gives you the confidence to take on almost anything, and is sure to get you a second look in any job interview. Run your own business, or run someone else’s.

What you can do with a law degree from Blue Marble University Online Law School. Legal Careers in Health Care:: How about Health Care? There are people trained in the law working in health care management, health care regulation, and health insurance and all kinds of health related companies… not to mention the many health care regulation jobs in all federal, state, and city governmental agencies. The Medical Field needs persons trained in the law for many positions in medical device compliance and regulation, health insurance compliance, corporate health departments, and many pharmaceutical companies needing to file reports and stay in compliance with changing manufacturing requirements.

The J.D. Degree is All About Business: Entrepreneurship-Activities such as starting a business, forming corporations, and running businesses successfully can all be enhanced by a law degree. Knowing about contract formation, labor laws, liability issues, and how to look at costs and profit all are improved with a law degree. You will know how to buy a business, how to sell a business,a nd how to operate a business.

What you can do with a law degree from Blue Marble University Online Law School: Governmental Regulations: You name the business or governmental agency, and we have a rule for it... actually piles of rules!!! Who do you think is running around checking permits, zoning enforcement, environmental rules...well it just goes on and on. And those trained in the law are always welcome in such positions.

Some Additional Career Ideas Are Here: Non-Lawyer Jobs for J.D. Degrees

Now we will just wrap up with some final ideas. Look at these exciting things we teach:

Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology that is revising how permanent records will be kept, how banking will be overhauled, and how the future internet will be deployed. Learn how to do business and host websites on the blockchain.

Health Care Regulation and Health Care Management

Crowdfunding– How it works, how to use it to raise money for yourself and others.

Representing Creatives How to build a portfolio of talent that you can sell.

Operating a Small Business-An entire course on setting up and running a business.

What you can do with a law degree from Blue Marble University Online Law School: We teach the law of business…and the business of law. In short, the Blue Marble University Law School J.D. degree is the best all around degree for legal careers and business.

So, what are you waiting for…the World is waiting for you!!

Does this mean we guaranty you a job or career?? Of course not. Many factors are weighed in any hiring process. Do these career ideas mean that we guaranty you a position in any of these industries? No. What we ARE saying is that a Doctor of Laws degree is the best preparation for life and will help you in many ways to:


Start your Career…
Advance your Career…
Or, Change your Career


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