Best Degree for Women and People of Color-Here’s Why

The Blue Marble University Law School offers a 3 year online J.D. Degree for non-lawyer careers. It is a 100% online J.D. Degree.

We believe a law education is the best education anyone can have. And we say that our J.D. degree is  the best degree for women and people of color. Here’s why: The vast array of career opportunities available with a J.D. degree dwarfs all other degrees. Most people do not realize this. They think only people that want to be lawyers should get a J.D. degree. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Please consider the authoritative treatise authored by Alisa Benedict O’Brien, Assistant Dean, and  Alecia Bencze, Assistant Director of the University of Akron School of Law, entitled: “Alternative Careers Handbook”. They introduce their work by saying:

“An alternative career can be the correct choice for many law students and law school graduates. The choice to enroll in law school does not mean that you have to be a lawyer. Whether you put your legal training to active use or not, there are numerous opportunities for people with law degrees. By examining the possibility of following a different career path than most, you may find yourself in a job that better suits your skills and interests. You have a variety of career options; explore them…these are typically jobs that do not require a law degree, but will be enhanced because of skills learned in law school.”

Obrien and Bencze then go on to present page after page of career possibilities, including valuable tips on how to handle job interviews (pages 16-17), how to conduct a job search (pages 18-19), as well as what to include in your Resumé. They wrap up their work by detailing solid career-listing resources.

Please Click on the Cover below to read this amazing work that will really give you a heads up on the wide range of opportunities a J.D. Degree holder has available to them.

After studying this Handbook of Non-Lawyer Careers for J.D. Degree, you will know why we think our online J.D. degree is the best degree for you, and especially for women and people of color.

And at only $3450/year with a payment plan ($10,350 total including all books and learning resources); or $3200/year with advance annual payment ($9,600 total including all books and learning resources), what do you have to lose???? Where else can you spend about $10,000 and have so many optional careers open to you???

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