Tuition Fees and Costs

$3,450 USD/year with Payment Plan
$3,200 USD Advance Annual Payment

There are no refunds, No exceptions. 

Our tuition costs are kept to an absolute minimum. When payments are made by a student, contracts are initiated with faculty, as most of our faculty are part-time adjunct faculty. We believe that our tuition is lower than for any other program, either based on an annual cost or by credit. Before making any payment, please be sure you want to commence the program, because we offer no refunds for any reason.

Tuition fees include ALL textbooks and other learning materials. You will not have to pay anything further for your education. Normally, students elsewhere have to pay about $500 per course for texts, which amounts to $1500 per term, or up to $4500 additional per year.  We eliminate all costs for textbooks and learning materials! Textbooks are supplied to students free in PDF form. So please keep in mind that our fees include all learning materials as well. All tuition fees include a no interest payment plan as well as a discount for advance lump sum payment.

(1) Application Fee:     NONE, please feel free to apply at any time.

(2) Tuition $3,450 USD with payment plan [$1050 USD down payment at enrollment, and 8 monthly payments of $300 USD thereafter]; or $3200 USD advance lump sum payment per year.

(3) Student Re-instatement Fee:    $500 USD per time. This fee is only applicable to students being reinstated after suspension for non-tuition payments or in case of an academic suspension, or otherwise.

(4) Books and Materials:    Included in tuition cost above.