First Online Law School to Offer J.D. Degrees with Alternate Majors

Blue Marble University Online Law School offers four J.D. Degrees with Majors. You can take one of our online law school programs and major or concentrate in a specific area. Blue Marble University Law School has 4 areas of concentration" Business Law, Crowdfunding, Employment Law, and Regulations/Compliance. Visit Blue Marble University to learn how the law School can be a career booster.
Pick a Major for Your J.D. Degree Program

What is a specialty law degree…or put another way, are there any law degrees with specialty concentrations?

Yes, we have “J.D. Degrees with Majors”, and Blue Marble University Law School is the first online law school to offer them.

Blue Marble University Law School now offers Juris Doctor (JD) Degrees in specialty law fields. That is, law degrees in different “majors”. Always new and always exciting, Blue Marble University threw away the old “plain jane” law curriculum everyone else has and installed our own new and exciting J.D. online programs.

Blue Marble University Law School now offers J.D. degrees in four different majors, with more to come:

Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Business Law: The majority of non-licensed lawyers (roughly 50%) are engaged business related careers. So we cover business law top to bottom, including Contracts; Sales and Warranties; Banking and Financing; Company Formation; Starting and Managing a Crowdfunding IPO; Learn How to File a Small Corporate Offering Registration (SCOR) for Intrastate Offering of Stock; Operating a Small Business; Intellectual Property and Licensing; Agency and Representing Creatives; How Insurance Works; Launching and Promoting an e-Commerce Site; Outline of Federal Taxation.

Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Securities Law and Crowdfunding: Our most powerful JD specialty puts right in the middle of raising money via Crowdfunding, as well as the Small Corporate Offering Registration (SCOR) for an intrastate IPO. We go deeply into these and other securities issues and emphasize pathways to listing founders stock on the OTC markets. Not only will you graduate with a J.D. degree, but you will be empowered with the knowledge about how raising money works, and the tools to put that knowledge into practice!

Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Human Resources and Employment Law: What business, military, or governmental agency doesn’t have employees with contract issues, health and welfare issues, compensation and retirement issues, workplace safety issues, and more? The world is at work, and all this work has to be administered. And that is the power of the Blue Marble University JD in Human Resources and Employment Law.

Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Regulatory Affairs and Compliance: Some may ask, what are you talking about- regulations and compliance?? This JD degree specialty prepares you for almost everything…for almost every job in every industry complying with governmental regulations. Even federal, state, and local governments have to follow their own regulations and are always writing new ones as well. The ebb and flow of new and retired laws is never ending. If you think you might fit into high paying jobs with titles like these: Ethics Compliance Officer, Director of Compliance and Ethics, Compliance Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Compliance Analyst, Senior/Compliance Manager, Business Compliance Project Manager, Risk and Regulatory Compliance Manager, AML Policy Advisory Analyst, Compliance Associate, Fraud Investigator; or Regulatory Affairs Associate, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Regulatory Affairs Analyst, Regulatory and Compliance Associate…then our Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Regulatory Affairs and Compliance is for you.

More JD degrees in additional majors are soon to be offered, such as our upcoming Blue Marble University Law School J.D. Degree in Police Administration.

Lawyer jobs open to attorneys who do not become licensed by passing a Bar Exam are not going to involve trial work, representing clients in court, or handling divorces. Rather, our graduates will become engaged in the other 90% of legal work found in law-related careers in every industry, every business, and every governmental agency.

We outline the many careers open to non-licensed attorneys on our website page: 
Non-Lawyer Careers

And if you want more ideas, check out the Alternative Law Careers Handbook.

Our current tuition including all learning resources is only $3450 USD per year with payment plan; or $3200 USD per year for advance lump sum payment.

Please visit our website for more information about How To Apply, Curriculums, Accreditation, Method of Learning, and other fascinating info: Blue Marble University Law School Website

Blue Marble University Law School- the first online law school with JD degrees in different areas of concentration!

Blue Marble University Law School

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