New Online Law School Opens

September 16, 2021

Blue Marble University announces the opening of its new Law School called the Blue Marble University Law School. Tuition for this 3-year online law school is only $3450/year with payment plan, or $3200/year payable in advance. The 3-year J.D. program is 100% online and available worldwide.Photo Credit: Leon Wu, Unsplash


Blue Marble University announces the opening of its new Online Law School. The name is: Blue Marble University Law School.

The cheapest and most affordable law school, the cost is only $3200/year, or $3450/year with payment plan. It is also scholarly, as are all of the Blue Marble University doctoral programs. Other so called “affordable” law schools charge at least $15,000/year plus books and other fees!

Although the 3 year online J.D. degree offered by the Law School can not be used for the practice of law as an attorney, the degree is an excellent career booster across many industries, health care, and government regulatory bodies.

Director Walter P. Drake stated: “The J.D. degree today is the most advanced, adaptable, and useful degree one can hold in the business world, far surpassing what you can do with an MBA. While many positions in industry and government do not necessarily specify ‘J.D. required’,  an applicant for many positions will be in a preferred class. To be educated in the law will give an applicant a leg up over the competition.”

Although Blue Marble University Law School is a foreign education institution, its Degrees are considered equivalent to accredited US colleges and universities. What this means is that you can use our J.D. Degree in the US.

Our Equivalency Certificate is Here:

Blue Marble University Certificate of Equivalency to Accredited US Colleges and Universities. The Certificate of Recognition states: Be it known that the Academic Board has evaluated the Curricula of Blue Marble University, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, and finds the Curricula equivalent to that of regionally accredited universities in the United States of America. California University FCE is a member of The American Evaluation Association recommended by the United States Department of Education. California University FCE does not issue college degrees per se, but degree equivalency, which requires the same scope and breadth of knowledge as someone who has actually completed a nationally or regionally accredited college program. California University FCE equivalency-degree evaluations are generally accepted for immigration as well as Federal, State and private employment.

The Blue Marble University Law School is open to everyone with a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent and no Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is required. International students are always welcome.

Our J.D. degree is not intended for someone that wants to sit for the bar exam and practice law in certain states. Rather, our 3 year online J.D. Degree is designed for professionals who want to add the advanced legal training of a lawyer, but who do not intend to practice law. It is intended to gain legal expertise to further your opportunities in your present job or a new field.

With the Blue Marble University Law School J.D. degree, you will be on the same footing as every other unlicensed attorney who chose not to take any Bar Exam but rather to use the degree in non-lawyer careers.

For more information about the Law School and the Blue Marble University 3 year online J.D.  Degree, Click HERE:

Does this mean everyone will accept your credentials?? No. There is a lot of educational snobbery and arrogance in the halls of academia. Sometimes even online degrees from USA accredited colleges are not accepted.  Whether or not your prospective employer accepts your credentials depends on many factors.  It is convenient to assert: “Your degree is from an online university”. However, most employers now understand and see the value in alternative, non-traditional education, and if they feel you can contribute to their operation and success, you will be hired.

Blue Marble University Law School
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Roseau 00152
Commonwealth of Dominica

How to Apply to the 3-Year Online J.D. Degree for $3450 USD/year:

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