3 Year JD Curriculum


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Our Curriculum is dynamic and changes regularly as upgrades and new courses may be added or deleted at any time without notice. Also, the order of courses presented during the program may change due to grouping of students and due to Faculty availability.

Two Law Programs are available:

(1) Our regular 3 year online Juris Doctor (J.D.)  degree for college graduates;

(2) Our 4 year combined online Bachelor and Juris Doctor Degree for High School Graduates

Blue Marble University Law School

3-Year Online J.D. Curriculum

Year 1-Term 1

Introduction to Law: Common Law vs Statutory Law; the Legal Method; Law from Religions of the World
Contracts: Formation of Contract, meeting of the minds, statue of frauds, third party beneficiary; Breach of Contract and Damages; law of conditions and discharge, contracts void by public policy
Civil Procedure and Evidence: Basic civil procedure is covered with emphasis on evidence, types of evidence, hearsay evidence and the like

Semester 2

Legal Research and Writing: How to find and report the law in Memoranda and Briefs; proper law citation
Personal Property: Distinguishing between real and personal property; ownership, leases, sales, basis for tax purposes
Agency and Partnerships: Who is an agent; the rights and liabilities of partners; Master and Servant. Representing “Creatives” and sports talent. How a Talent Agency works. Agent representative contracts.

Semester 3

Torts (1): Negligence law and liability for injuries
Torts (2): Intentional torts such as defamation, assault, invasion of privacy
Suretyship: The law of guaranty

Year 2-Semester 1

Real Property: The law of land and improvements; system of estates; control of land via zoning and regulatory takings
Uniform Commercial Code: The course closely follows the UCC text, covering Sales, transactions in goods, breach of sales contracts, remedies, and the law of Warranty. Negotiable instruments are also studied.
Labor and Employment Law: The course focuses on regulations relating to employment relationships, such as, wages, hours, benefits, health care, termination, employment contracts

Semester 2

Remedies: Types of remedies, particularly equitable remedies in the nature of injunction and specific performance as well as federal law remedies for breach of constitutional law.
Criminal Law and Procedure: We cover examples of criminal law, common law vs statutory, with emphasis on evidence gathering and chain of custody; rights of the accused. Also covered is: Forensic Evidence: Types of forensic evidence with emphasis on scientific methods.
Wills and Estates: The creation of Wills; types of Trusts; Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, probate and administration of Estates

Semester 3

Administrative Law and Procedure: Due process and right to hearing; rule-making; freedom of information; the hearing process and appeals from administrative decisions
Products Liability: The law of defective products is covered including breach of warranty; contract vs tort remedies are compared and contrasted
Insurance adjusting and claims: This course examines basic insurance contracts, fire, casualty losses; insurance adjusting is examined and negotiation of claims by claims examiners is covered.

Year 3-Semester 1

Business Associations and Company Formation: Types of business entities, sole proprietor, partnerships, limited partnerships, and corporations are studied
Securities Law: The elements of State and federal Securities laws are covered. The student will learn how to draft a securities registration statement under federal and state law. Exemptions from Securities Laws.
Crowdfunding: The new way to raise money for yourself or someone else’s business. A review of Crowdfunding Platforms. Federal Regulation C, and the Form C are studied. Marketing a crowdfunding offering is also explored.

Semester 2

State and Federal Tax (1): The Internal Revenue Code is studied, and the basics of state taxes personal and business are reviewed. We will work with actual tax returns, and will try also to cover the Federal Estate Tax Form
State and Federal Tax (2): Employment taxes relating to employees will be identified and the rates reviewed; Also covered is the monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting and depositing of employee taxes by a business owner/employer
Health Care Law: A variety of topics in insurance, liability, regulatory compliance, billing disputes and negotiation of health care bills are covered.

Semester 3

Hospital Management: Administration  of hospitals and medical facilities, doctors offices, is covered with emphasis on patient care and records.
Bitcoin and the Blockchain Technology. How Bitcoin works and how the blockchain technology is being used in business with emphasis on the ethereum project. Doing business and web hosting on the Blockchain. A comparison of Bitcoin wallets is also reviewed.
Operating a Business: In this course we look at the entire process of owning and operating a business, using a law office business as our example. The course covers setting up the business, cost estimates, income projections, selecting the number and type of employees, marketing, use of the internet, software examples for employee tax withholding, planning for preparation and filing of tax returns, and buying and selling businesses.

81 Total Credits


Blue Marble University Law School  is a foreign education institution. Our doctoral program in law comprises 81 trimester credits, the standard for a regionally accredited USA college or university law school. Graduates can, for a modest fee, have your doctoral degree from Blue Marble University reported as comparable to a regionally accredited USA college or university for employment purposes by a foreign credential evaluation service recognized by the USA Department of Education.