What You Can Do With An Online J.D. Degree From Blue Marble University Law School

The Blue Marble University Online Law Degree is a 3 year, 100% online J.D. Degree,  intended for non-lawyer careers. It is intended for use in business, industry, health care, tax work, for business consulting, for drafting documents for in-house legal departments, and for government regulatory bodies.

In this article we consider your possibilities….

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A very excellent guide entitled: “What Can You Do With a Law Degree?” recently published by 2U Inc. online at: https://onlinemasteroflegalstudies.com/career-guides/law-degrees/

presents some nice specific information about jobs for people with J.D. degrees. Possibly the most thorough and complete summary of law positions for J.D. holders who did not take any Bar Exam to become a practicing attorney, the folks at 2U Inc. really drive home what we have been saying…that the world is wide open to people with J.D. degrees:

“A J.D. might also be useful outside of typical legal settings like the courtroom. In those cases, J.D. holders need to know how to leverage their education within a specific industry…Earning a J.D. isn’t only for the practicing lawyer. With a J.D. degree, there are a number of preferred jobs that offer career advancement opportunities and above average salaries. J.D. advantage jobs can be found throughout the business sector, government, and the public interest arena…”

“A J.D.-preferred job or J.D.-advantage job is a type of job for which a passing score on the bar exam isn’t required. So, employers will usually consider an individual who has a J.D. but hasn’t passed the bar exam. A candidate’s knowledge of the law, acquired through a J.D. program, and/or experience in a law-related capacity are what is deemed useful within the available role.”

Some examples of J.D. preferred careers noted by 2U Inc.  on their above noted website (with some enhancement by us) include:

Business Development Professionals: In this role, the main goal is to build a company’s market position and increase its exposure. This is done by identifying, defining, developing and managing business deals and relationships as well as managing contract negotiations and working closely with a company’s legal counsel. Business development professionals work hard to align strategy with their company’s long-term goals and objectives. This position involves creating opportunities for new business ventures and it can also tap into much of the J.D. toolbox. Employer, industry and location all play a part in how much a business development professional earns

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): A CFO works to maintain the financial well-being of a company and provides financial projections and accounting services. This position can be found in both the public and private sectors. CFOs have likely gained financial and business skills through their past education and experience and fine-tuned them in their J.D. or J.D. program.

CEO of Your Own Company: Your J.D. degree will give you the tools needed to run your own company, or help someone run theirs.

Insurance Adjuster: Claims departments of insurance companies are just one of the many professional settings where you might find an insurance adjuster. The person in that role investigates insurance claims and determines if the insurance company should pay a claim and for how much. To do this, they may conduct interviews with witnesses, consult hospital records or police or inspect property damage to determine liability.

Human Resource Managers:  HR managers work within a company to manage employee relations, policies, internal programs and best practices. An effective HR employee must be a strong communicator and good at relationship building. That person will also be detail-oriented and organized. Having a background in law can help an HR professional as they often employ, enforce, and communicate a company’s legal compliance directives.

Mediation: A mediator guides conflicting parties through negotiation with the goal of settling on a mutually agreed upon solution. Some mediators work within the court system, while others can find positions within the private sector and carry out negotiations without ever having to stand before a judge. Insurance and finance industries are examples of where a mediator can work.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA): CPAs can work as sole proprietors or within large financial institutions. Regardless of practice setting, a background in law can be beneficial. A CPA with a legal degree can leverage their knowledge of state laws and regulations when completing their daily tasks

Financial Advisor: A financial advisor’s ultimate goal is to help clients to reach and secure financial peace. They do this by directing people to set goals and develop a financial plan to manage retirement funds, school savings, estate planning, or even large purchase buying. Financial advisors can work within large firms or be sole proprietors.

Law Professor: If you have a strong academic background, have gained expertise in a specific legal field through your J.D. education, enjoy writing legal articles and teaching comes natural to you, then you may want to consider a career as a law professor. Law professors are needed at colleges and professional schools, and are regularly employed teaching not only business law but real estate law to real estate professionals.

Legal Writer: Legal writing is a form of technical writing that is utilized by many of the professionals within the law landscape. An effective legal writer is apt at communicating facts, conclusions, intentions, and can correlate cases or documents in an easy to understand way. Legal writers are needed in the courtroom, and for textbook writing. Legal writers can also find positions creating legal-related articles for publications, legal web content as copywriters, or even as corporate writers writing press releases and presentations for law offices

Legal Research Report Writer: Closely related to Legal Writer are careers working full time for various law book publishers, and Legal Research firms whose job it is to research legal issues for requesting attorneys and agencies, and then summarize the laws and regulations on a particular question.

Patent Examiner: You don’t need to be a practicing lawyer to work within the U.S. patent or trademark office. This profession also calls for discipline, focus, and above all, reasoning. A patent examiner reviews legal documents, files paperwork, writes legal office actions and researches invention information. Pay for patent examiners varies widely.

Legal Consultant: A legal consultant is similar to a management analyst, in that they propose ways to improve an organization’s efficiency. Legal consultants also provide expert and professional legal advice to businesses or individuals. Depending on the consulting focus, a legal consultant can advise on a number of important matters such as corporate law, real estate law, employment law and medical law. A legal consultant can work on their own or belong to a consulting services firm. I

Legal Marketing Manager: Law firms are often looking for sophisticated marketers who can take their marketing and business development initiatives to the next level. A legal marketer will work on tasks such as public relations, advertising, client relations, networking, or attending professional organizations to increase exposure. A J.D. may provide an understanding of the client’s market and that can be a differentiator when competing for marketing jobs within the legal field.

Legal Technologist: Companies rely on law firms and in-house counsel to help them boost their competitiveness. Many legal technology positions require a J.D. holder who understands the current digital legal landscape, can provide legal services and has the ability to establish credibility during product pitches to potential customers.

Politician:  J.D. holders can enter the world of politics. A legal education can help a politician understand and navigate the nuances of the legal system and deepen their understanding of past and current laws. The analytic and deductive skills learned in law school easily translate over to politics as problem-solving, critical thinking and reasoning. Want to be a Millionaire? Enter Politics!!

SUMMARY: From financial advisors to law professors, there are numerous positions available for individuals with law degrees that do not require passing the bar exam.

Most people think of lawyers when they consider a career in the legal field, but there are a number of other satisfying, lucrative law careers that don’t require an expensive, time-consuming education.

The legal market is thriving. Added regulations, economic growth, advances in technology, and increasing caseloads have all fueled the demand for a growing range of talented law professionals in a number of roles, from e-discovery specialists to compliance specialists, as shown here:

Non-lawyer jobs for J.D.'s. Electronic discovery, commonly referred to as e-discovery, is a $10-plus billion industry as of 2018. These specialists collect, process, and preserve in electronic form every scrap of evidence and supporting documentation generated by a lawsuit or criminal proceeding. They help to identify and manage electronically-stored information (ESI) in litigation. Recent changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and growing volumes of ESI have given rise to this relatively new profession that takes advantage of the electronic realities of a digital age. The field is expected to grow, generating revenues of $11.6 billion by 2020 and pushing salaries to increased levels..

J.D. Careers for non-licensed lawyer. Nurses who want to expand their career opportunities beyond traditional clinical roles can apply their expertise to the growing and lucrative field of legal nurse consulting—one of the hottest careers in the early years of the millennium, according to CareerBuilder.com. Legal nurse consultants advise attorneys in medically-related issues of the law, and they earn from $55,000 to as much as $211,000 annually as of 2019.

Blue Marble University Law School online J.D. leads to careers in Legal support. The increased automation of legal processes has also spawned another occupation in the field of law: the litigation support professional (LSP). This cutting-edge profession combines the legal knowledge of paralegals with the technical skills of information technology professionals.

What you can do with a J.D. degree from Blue Marble University Law School. Regulatory compliance became a popular law career option after the Sarbanes-Oxley Act prompted the enactment of a host of regulations in 2002. Compliance specialists work for corporations and consulting firms, coordinating and monitoring the myriad of governmental and regulatory documents that are required by changes in federal law.

Here are some examples of jobs targeting unlicensed lawyers that are typical of what you might find in your area (click to make bigger):

In-House Residential Closing Attorney

Jobs for non-lawyer J.D.

Blue Marble University Law School sample job for unlicensed J.D. Sample Job ads for J.D. degrees

Sample Job ad for non-licensed J.D. Degree. Blue Marble University Law School

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