4-Year Combined BA/JD Degree for High School Graduates

Introducing our new Curriculum for the 4 year online
Combined Bachelors Degree (BA) Doctor of Law Degree (JD)
For High School Graduates and Home Schoolers

This is a 4 year program that is open to High School graduates and Home Schoolers. After completing this Pre-Law program shown below, students move on to the regular Blue Marble University 3-year online JD program.

Blue Marble University curriculum for the 4-year combined Bachelor/Law Degree (B.A./J.D.) for high school graduates and home schoolers.Part 1: Undergraduate Segment Leading to a B.A. Degree. Our Combined Fast Track Program for High School Students To Obtain a Combined BA/JD Degree in Four Years. Pre-law courses: English Writing: Practice writing essays and essentials of English composition. Computer Basics: A review of hardware and software, web browsers, web apps, working with photos and videos, handling large files. Introduction to blogging and creation of online digital portfolio. Constitution of the United States: Study of the document along with the rights embodied in the Declaration of Independence. History of Religion: Various world religions are covered with emphasis on social laws promulgated by them. Budgets for Home and Business: Practice creating budgets, analyzing monthly costs, identification of internet resources relating to maintaining budgets. Savings, Investments, and Retirement: Discussion of real world issues relating to money; savings vehicles and compounding, types of investments, various aspects and alternatives to retirement planning. Colloquium: Various topics are discussed and presented relating to aspects of social media, introduction to the preparation of business plans, preparation of Curriculum Vitae; lessons to be learned from the entrepreneurs in Nepal, a poor country. Sources of the Law: We identify sources of federal and state law, and present ways of accessing the material via the internet.

Please also note that this is a combined BA/JD program which must be completed in its entirety to receive a BA/JD degree. We do not offer to issue and will not issue a B.A. Degree to persons that only complete the 1-year Pre-law segment of the combined program.

The successful completion of this part of the Program qualifies the student to continue on to the doctoral portion of the program which leads upon completion to the award of a combined Bachelor of Arts/Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree [BA/JD].

Admission-Open to most High School Graduates and Home Schoolers

How to ApplyApplication for High School Grads and Home Schoolers

Cost: Our usual Tuition cost is applicable, which includes all texts and learning resources: Tuition Cost

Supplement to Application Required: The Admissions Office will send you a Supplementary form for assessment of any supplemental education, Advanced Placement courses, training, volunteer work, employment, additional skills learned, portfolio of work and so forth of the purpose of possibly generating additional Experiential Credits, as per current US college procedures.

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