Why the Online JD Degree from Blue Marble Is Unique


Blue Marble University Law School offers a 3 year online J.D. degree for only $3450 per year with payment plan, $3200 per year for advance annual payment.

What makes us unique among online law schools is our unusual curriculum which features subjects not found elsewhere. For examples, at Blue Marble University Law School, we cover:

Bitcoin and the Blockchain Technology that is revising how permanent records will be kept, how banking will be overhauled, and how the future internet will be deployed. Learn how to do business and host websites on the blockchain.

Health Care Regulation and Health Care Management. Especially great for nurses and other health care providers to help move into management roles.

Crowdfunding– How it works, how to use it to raise money for yourself and others.

Representing Creatives– How to build a portfolio of talent that you can sell.

Operating a Small Business-An entire course on setting up and running a business for yourself or someone else.

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We Continue to Believe That You Will Experience the Greatest Variety of Careers From a J.D. Degree- the Types and Breath of Careers That You Can Enter With a JD Degree Is Amazing and Seldom Appreciated

Here is our short list of career opportunities with a Law Degree from Blue Mable University:

Excerpted from the Blue Marble Universitylaw School website
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Careers, Jobs, and Opportunities you can pursue with a Blue Marble University Doctor of Law Degree, without the need to become a licensed attorney:

— Careers in every industry, every business, and every governmental agency. Every governmental agency, from zoning to health regulations to taxing agencies needs people trained in the law. Not to mention police departments, FBI, Immigration, Natural Resources….hundreds of governmental agencies. With a JD degree, you have a leg up on all kinds of governmental agency positions.

–Police Officers, and Police Department Management: A law degree gives an excellent background and training to become a Police Officer or to Manage Police Departments in small towns, federal state and local agencies, work as part of corporate security forces, work as private investigator, become an FBI agent, or join various other governmental police investigative departments.

–Hospital and Medical Management: Our degree prepares you for positions of management in a hospital or other medical facility because you will learn about medical insurance and other hospital management procedures.

–In House Attorney for corporate and small business law offices: You do not need to be a licensed attorney to work as an attorney in a corporate legal office, nor for most state and federal governmental agencies. In most states as long as you are an “in house” attorney, you are permitted without a law license to draft legal documents for your employer, to negotiate labor contracts or any kind of contract, to report on legal issues, and to hire and supervise outside legal counsel relating to court proceedings.

–Tax Attorney: Generally speaking, you do not have to be a licensed attorney in order to work as a tax attorney for the US Internal Revenue Department, and most State and local government tax departments. You cannot practice in the US Tax Court, of course, but there are many auditing positions, tax review positions, and other legal positions in tax agencies that do not require an attorney to be licensed. A typical position is that found in a tax agency office, managing tax accounts. A J.D. degree is needed for some top level IRS positions. For example, for the position as “Tax Specialist”, the IRS website states: “General requirements include US citizenship, plus a four-year degree or legal or tax accounting experience that required knowledge of federal tax laws and regulations. You could also be eligible for higher grades if you possess a JD.”

–Insurance Adjuster and Insurance Claims Manager: Every insurance company operates claims offices all over the USA which negotiate settlement of various kinds of insurance claims, such as claims for personal injuries, fire damage, workers compensation claims, property loss, or maritime losses. Insurance companies prefer law graduates for these positions, but because court work is not required, a law license is not essential. You will work with outside counsel as needed.

–Securities issuance and fraud: There are many state and federal agencies involved in the issuance of securities such as stocks, bonds, debentures, limited partnership interests and so forth. Lawyers are required for investigation, creation of securities, and issuance of securities. One is not required to be a licensed attorney to become employed in legal departments relating to the law of securities.

–Financial businesses and governmental offices involved in money. Financial firms, banks, treasury offices, governmental accounting offices, and governmental offices relating to finance regularly hire attorneys and no license is required.

–Debt Collections: Well, somebody has to do it. Many Debt Collection businesses need attorneys to advise them as to debt collection law. Most State and local governments need people with law degrees to write new laws and to manage debt collection departments.

–Own and Operate a Law Firm: Although you cannot practice law as a licensed attorney, you can in fact own and operate your own law firm. There are many law firms that are owned by non-attorneys. So long as you hire licensed attorneys to work for you and to handle the advice giving, you can have your own law business. Another entry avenue would be to joint venture with a practicing attorney as branch office for that attorney. The Blue Marble program will teach you how to operate a law business. There are some state laws regulating who can own a law office, but there is usually a legal workaround.

–Legal Research: You can do legal research and write law reports as a consultant or as a member of the various legal research firms which supply research reports to law firms and government, and also as an employee of the large law book services engaged in annotating, reviewing, and cataloging new court opinions. Usually a law degree is required for such positions, but licensing is definitely not. A great “remote” job!!

–Human Resources: A law degree makes an excellent credential for work in Human Resources, Personnel Management, and Labor departments of corporations and government.

–Public Administration: A law degree prepares the graduate for a multitude of positions in public administration as well as administrative positions with private sector corporations.

–Military: Thinking of a military career?? A law degree will greatly enhance your promotion potential.

–Entrepreneurship: Activities such as starting a business, forming corporations, and running businesses successfully can all be enhanced by a law degree. Knowing about contract formation, labor laws, liability issues, and how to look at costs and profit all are improved with a law degree.

–Arbitration: You do not need to be a licensed lawyer to be an Arbitrator or Mediator for many groups and organizations, including most arbitration associations.

–Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Companies: These companies need attorneys for the drafting of documents, performing risk management, investigating regulatory compliance, and many other tasks. No license is required for these positions.

–Crowdfunding: Use this new platform to help others raise money and market their stock offerings.

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