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Blue Marble University Law School is owned and operated by Blue Marble University Ltd., a Corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica for the purpose of providing international educational instruction leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees issued upon the recommendation of its Faculty. Our Administrative Office address and International Mail Processing is in Thailand:

Blue Marble University Law School offers a 3 year online JD degree to be used for many careers. Very affordable and cheap, though well respected.

Blue Marble University is an international virtual institution delivering educational courses over the internet. Faculty and students are separated by different continents, different time zones, and different schedules. Collaboration occurs via the internet. It is not useful to conduct any business by phone, and consequently, all communications with the University are done by email and other messaging services.

In an effort to commence and operate as a paperless endeavor, and to increase the efficiency of response, hard copy mail is discouraged. Therefore, for all business and educational matters please kindly use one of the email addresses listed below.

Necessary Attachments and Documents must be converted to the international standard for documents, which is “Portable Document Format” (.pdf) before sending. Photos may be sent as jpeg. NO OTHER FILE TYPES ARE ACCEPTED. Documents in Text Form (.txt) may be incorporated in the body of an email. “Doc” files are not accepted.

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Blue Marble University Law School email address


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