Blue Marble University Law School JD Curriculum

Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Business Law: This is our new Flagship Offering predicted to be our most popular. Many lawyers are engaged in business-related careers. This JD is all business and covers among other things: Contracts; Sales and Warranties; Banking and Financing; Company Formation; Starting and Managing a Crowdfunding IPO; Learn How to File a Small Corporate Offering Registration (SCOR) for Intrastate Offering of Stock; Operating a Small Business; Intellectual Property and Licensing; Agency and Representing Creatives; How Insurance Works; Launching and Promoting an e-Commerce Site; Outline of Federal Taxation. Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Securities Law and Crowdfunding: All about MONEY. Help others as consultant to raise money or launch your own Reg CF Crowdfunding IPO. A three year online curriculum featuring 27 blockbuster courses to teach you not only the regulations, but the practicalities of actually registering a Crowdfunding Offering, including how to prepare the Reg CF Form C, stock transfer agents, comparison of crowdfunding platforms, how to properly organize a company incorporation for crowdfunding, the Pink sheets listing and why that might be effective. Also covered is an overview of State and Federal securities law, Blue Sky laws, and the very important Small Corporate Offering Registration (SCOR) for an intrastate IPO. Not only will you graduate with a J.D. degree, but you will be empowered with the knowledge about how raising money works, and the tools to put that knowledge into practice!